J & S Reeve Cottages Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms and Conditions Effective Date: 2022-09-29


From here on in/ forward, references are made as follows:
J & S Reeve Cottages will be referenced as (“We”, "Our", "Our Business", "Owners", or “Us”). https://liny-cottages.com/ will be referenced as (“Website”, "Our Website"). You, your, their, individual, family, party, company, or any other entity, not excluding day guests, will be referenced as ("Guest"). Property management system is referred to as PMS. (OTA(s)) are Online Travel Agency(ies), identified as per; e.g. booking.com, airbnb, vrbo, expedia, bring fido, and many others.
Effective date reflects the last date on this page of https://liny-cottages.com/booking-terms-and-conditions/ and our PMS Terms & Conditions' page has been updated. The guest agrees to the booking terms and conditions contained on this page, or document, which will form the basis of a guest contract with us. The contract with us is for a Short-Term Rental, specified by guest booking-dates span for any of our cottage or suite rentals, on our three-acre property. The guest must read carefully, as this sets forth the guest’s responsibilities and our respective rights.


A guest must be 21 years of age, or older, to book any of our cottage or suite rentals.
When a guest has completed a booking, directly on our website, by smart TV, mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, the guest, the guest's party, and day guests are bound by J & S Reeve Cottages’ Booking Terms and Conditions. When a guest has completed a booking through a third-party OTA's website, by smart TV, mobile phone, tablet or desktop, the guest and the guest's party are bound by the OTA's Specific Terms of Service, including our Booking Terms of Service and Conditions. The guests due diligence is important here. Over-the-phone bookings, directly with our business by guests are also bound by our Booking Terms and Conditions.

The guest, who is booking directly with us (the owners) for any of our cottage or suite rentals is making payments through our secure dual, third-party direct booking system and credit card processing center on our website, where all three entities are using ssl (secure socket layer) certificates, in place for pci (payment card industry) compliance. If booking or booked through any third-party OTA, OTA's are entitled to their additional marketing fees, they charge, over and above our date-rated cottage or suite rental rates. Our business does not receive OTA's additional charges or fees. These fees are directly charged to the guest by OTA's, before they pass onto us, our cottage or suite rental rate funds, at/for that specific date range the guest has booked for.

Furthermore, on OTA's, we provide accurate pricing and booking information from our third-party PMS. Our PMS has been tried and true, consistently for years, and if there are any issues that arise with bookings, performed through OTA's, the sole responsibility resides with the OTA's to resolve any of their own issues through the specific OTA customer-service portal, the guest booked originally with. We have no control over their systems of operation. Any problems that arise with a guest booking, OTA's need to rectify the issues within their own systems of operations. We only allow OTA's to show our cottage and suite rentals via our third-party PMS: beyond this point, it is their sole priority to handle our information accurately.

All bookings, including OTA bookings, guests receive a welcome-email from our PMS, confirming the guests transaction, with a hyper-link to a guest-area page with all details about the guest's reservation or full booking. If only a deposit for the reservation has been paid, the guest will receive an additional follow-up email, 30 days prior to arrival-stay date, to pay the remaining balance, making the stay a Valid Booking. We reserve the right to change any Valid booking, whether it be date-related issues to the guest's stay, or switching guest from one cottage or suite to another cottage or suite, suitable for the guest and members of the guest's party. All bookings by a guest are considered, by the guest, to be a peaceful vacation, holiday, or business trip only. Extended stays will fall into standard New York Landlord - Tenant Agreement, under a contracted lease agreement. We will not tolerate bookings, intentionally, made for any type of parties, held by guests or any members of the guest's party, including day guests, being noisy and disrespectful, playing loud music, or individuals, disrespecting any other guests on our three-acre property. They will be asked to leave, or, if need be, removed immediately, by law enforcement.

Payment and Valid Booking

When a guest is booking directly with us, on our website, deposits, and full payments are non-refundable, inside of the 30-day period, prior to the booked stay-arrival date. If the guest booked inside of the 30-day period, prior to the booked stay-arrival date, payment must be made immediately, and in full, to make booking Valid. If the guest booked more than 30 days in advance, which is considered as a reservation, half of the full amount (deposit) of the stay is paid upfront. The balance payment is due 30 days prior to the booked stay-arrival date, to make booking Fully Valid. If payment is not received on the 30th day, prior to the booked stay-arrival date, which is considered as a cancellation by the guest, in turn making booking not valid, reserved dates will be unblocked, and opened to the public to book. The guest's deposit is then forfeited, unless a further agreement has been made, between us and the guest. When a guest is booking with an OTA, there are several ways OTA's take payment from the guest, initially. Some OTA's will take the full amount of stay upfront. Some will take a partial payment upfront, then bill for the balance. Others will only charge their platform fee, then forward the guest to our PMS. An email is sent to the guest from our PMS; the guest uses a hyper-link in email to be brought to their guest-area page, where the guest is prompted, and required, to pay either a deposit for reservation or full amount for a Valid booking. If no action by a guest is taken, it is considered not a Valid reservation or Valid booking. Again, reserved dates will be unblocked and opened to the public to book. This is why due diligence by guest(s), is important here.

Pets are welcome

If a guest is bringing a pet, or two, which is the maximum amount allowed, there is an additional Pet Cleaning Fee added to the guest's stay, including any member of the guest's party and day guests. Not all OTA's allow a spot to be checked off by guests for a pet to come along. When booking on our website, there is a Pet Fee check box, directly under Optional Extras. If a fee is not included in the booking, even if the guest missed checking the box and shows up with a pet, the guest will be responsible to pay for the pet fee at the check-in process. For suite bookings, there are no pets allowed. Pets are to be leashed at all times, when out and about, anywhere on our three-acre property. All poop, left behind by a pet, must be picked up immediately by the guest, or by a member of the guest's party. Aggressive dogs are not allowed on our three-acre property.


It is our right to vet all guests and members of the guest's party that come to stay in any of our cottages, or suites, on our property. If for any reason, or at any point in time, information comes to light that is not suitable for us, or other-staying guests, we reserve the right to cancel reservation dates, or full-booking dates. Booking guests will be refunded reservation or full booking, less 3% Credit Card Fee + a $45.00 Administration Fee, unless another agreement has been met between us and the booking guest. If information comes to light within 30 days prior to the stay arrival date or during the stay, booking is non-refundable. Cancellation of Direct Booking by guests with Us, only 30 days or more prior to your stay arrival date, will result in deductions from the deposit refund amount, which is a 3% Credit Card Fee + a $45.00 Administration Fee. Direct booking on our website refund will be issued to the same exact credit card that was used to purchase the deposit. In the event that purchase credit card has expired, before refund can be issued, all additional expenses/ charges will be the responsibility of the guest credit card holder and (if need be) will be deducted from the refund amount, in addition to a 3% Credit Card Fee + a $45.00 Administration Fee, stated above. Cancellation attempt of Direct Booking by guest with Us, within 30 days or less, prior to guest stay-arrival date, deposit paid reservation or fully paid booking, is non-refundable, and date-span of the reserved stay will be released, immediately, from guest reservation or booking, to be made available to the public for booking. Cancellation Policies through any OTA are all different and must be handled, directly, with the OTA portal the guest has booked through. Again guests must do their own due diligence to be fully informed.
At any point a guest or any member of the guest's party needs to vacate, be removed from the property, or asked to leave, during a booked stay date range, for any reason at all, if or there is a remaining portion of the stay, it will be non-refundable.
We highly advise guests to purchase adequate Travel Insurance to cover full booking and any other additional expenses. Anything can happen in life to Cancel a Reservation or a Fully-Paid Valid Booking.


You will be greeted by Sandy, John, or staff member, the on-property owners and managers of the three-acre property. Guest check-in time is between 3pm - 6pm EST of stay arrival date only. No early check-ins. Guest booking must provide a Valid Drivers License, State ID or Passport at Time of Arrival, and complete our Sign-In Sheet and Waiver and Release of Liability. Guest booking is responsible for their party and any additional day guests, who must be brought to our attention for Fire Code Safety. Guest booking will be reviewed by staff for accuracy, prior to guest taking occupancy of any cottage or suite. Guests are responsible for any out-lying costs, before taking occupancy of any cottage or suite, e.g. pet fee, if found, not paid for. Once everyone is checked-in, processed, and outstanding balances have been paid, the guest will receive keys to the cottage booked.


Guests, all members of the guest's party, including day guests, must vacate the cottage or suite, and our three-acre property, by 11am EST, on check-out day, in order to give the cleaning-crew enough time to prepare rental for the next arriving guests. If guests, all members of the guest's party, including day guests have not vacated our property by 11am EST, an additional charge will be incurred of $50.00, charged to the guest responsible for the original booked stay.
When leaving, the refrigerator must be cleaned out, all dishes, cups, utensils, and coffee pot cleaned and put away. Keys must be left on the kitchen countertop, all doors closed and left unlocked.

Guest Maximums

Due to Fire Safety Codes, there are limits to each cottage and suite as to how many guests can stay inside overnight, including pets. Our website and PMS show the maximum limit to each cottage, or suite, and it is the responsibility of booking guests to not exceed the maximum amount, each evening, in case of emergency and to follow Fire Code Safety.

Indemnification and Hold Harmless

The guest, guest's party, visiting day guests, children, and pets agree to indemnify and hold harmless J&S Reeve Cottages, its officers, and employees for any liabilities, theft, damage, damage to personal items, cost, or expense what-so-ever arising from or related to any claim or litigation which may arise out of or in connection with the guest, the guest's party, visiting day guests, children, and pets use and occupancy of the rental property including, but not limited to any claim or liability for personal injury or death, however sustained, or caused by the fault of the individual(s), while staying on our three-acre property. Our property is safe, everything is operational and clean, when used, normally.

Drugs, Alcohol, and Firearms

Any illegal drugs or substance, guest carries, or induces into their system elsewhere, is prohibited, anywhere, on our three-acre property. That rule extends to any member of the guest's party, including day guests. Any offenders will be removed from our property, immediately, by law enforcement. Alcohol is permitted, if consumed responsibly. Alcohol abuse, or loud drunkenness, creating a disturbance on our three-acre property will not be tolerated by the owners or any staff members, from any guest or any member of the guest's party, not excluding day guests, who will be removed from our property immediately, by law enforcement. Firearms are strictly prohibited on our three-acre property. If found on the guest or any member of the guest's party, not excluding day guests, offenders will be removed from our property, immediately by law enforcement.


Smoking is allowed outside Only, but while being courteous and mindful of all other guests around you, that does not smoke, especially children. That, also, includes being mindful with butt extinguishing and appropriate dispenser disposal.

Paddle Boards, Kayaks, Canoes and Watercraft

All guests, members of the guest's party, not day guests, are free to use any of our canoes, kayaks, or paddle boards. But share their use, respectfully, with other staying guests as well.
Guests and all of the guest's party members are required to sign our Waiver and Release of Liability at time of check-in, including guest parent/ guardian, naming all children using the kayaks, canoes, or paddle boards, including guests, members of the guest's party that have brought their own watercraft onto our three-acre property.

Property and Rental Care

The guest, guest's party, including day guests shall take all reasonable and proper care of our three-acre property, cottages, suites, and its furniture, pictures, fittings, and other furnishings in or on the three-acre property, leaving them in the same state of repair, condition, cleanliness, and tidiness as at the guest's commencement of the stay rental period.


The guest is required to inform the owners or staff of any damage or breakage, in or around the property, promptly, so that it can be repaired and replaced for the next guest. The guest is bound to reimburse the owners for replacement, repair, or extra cleaning costs, reasonably demanded by the owners or staff, for damage caused by the guest, the guest's party, including day guests.

Right of Entry

We respect all our guests’ privacy, but we reserve the right to access all cottages and suites at all times, if necessary, for repairs and emergencies. The guest agrees to give immediate access to the cottage or suite in an emergency. We, also, reserve the right to forcible entry to the cottage or suite, for emergencies only.

We appreciate each guest, guest's party, and day guests, for fully reading our booking terms and conditions in its entirety, fully understanding your rights and responsibilities, concerning J & S Reeve Cottages.

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